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Jeanie Forrester


“As Governor, whenever the politicians go after our communities, I’m going to stand with the people one hundred percent of the time.”
– Jeanie Forrester

When people meet Jeanie Forrester, they get on board. Meet John Naughton who attended the Join Jeanie event in Derry this week.

Another supporter EARNED from Tuesday night's "Join Jeanie" event in Londonderry. Welcome aboard Brian MacDonald. More to come ...

John and Joan Loker

So honored to have earned the support of John and Joan Loker after last night's "Join Jeanie" event.

Voters got the "Straight Scoop" from Jeanie Forrester last night in Bow at Jeanie's first town hall meeting. Mixing ice cream and issues on a humid summer night! Join our next event in Londonderry on Tuesday.

I'm pro-life

As the next Governor of New Hampshire, you won't have to guess where my heart lies on the issue of human life.

Strong Pro-Life Governor

Debbie Yeager Johnson: "I believe Jeanie Forrester will be a strong, pro-life governor." Sign up to help Jeanie today http://jeanieforgovernor.com/

Take Back New Hampshire

Download my plan to end New Hampshire's drug epidemic today. http://jeanieforgovernor.com/takebacknewhampshire/


Judy Tilton talks about her son Seth and Jeanie Forrester's work to strengthen New Hampshire's drug laws.

Granite Hammer

Because of Gov. Maggie Hassan's failed leadership, House Democrats killed Granite Hammer, my bill to help fight the heroin and opioid epidemic here in New Hampshire. Gov. Hassan has spent more time raising money out-of-state for her U.S. Senate campaign than she has helping us fight this crisis. The legislature will regroup next week to pass Granite Hammer. As my friend Judy Tilton says in this video, "Please, do your job as governor."


Jeanie Forrester vs. the other guys on the economy. http://jeanieforgovernor.com/planforthepeople/

Granite Staters Oppose Northern Pass

New polling shows Granite Staters oppose Northern Pass. Gubernatorial candidate Jeanie Forrester has fought for years to protect property owners from Northern Pass.

Hanging Fish

Betsey Donovan tells a story about Jeanie Forrester ... HANGING FISH!?

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Meet Jeanie Forrester

Jeanie’s held senior and executive level positions in the small business and non-profit worlds. She served as Town Administrator for Tuftonboro and New Durham and as the Executive Director for two award-winning Main Street programs in Plymouth and Meredith.

A huge proponent of local control, Jeanie also attracted significant support for local programs and projects that benefitted businesses and residents.

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News and Updates

Download Jeanie’s Plan to End the Drug Epidemic

Download Jeanie’s Plan to End the Drug Epidemic

DOWNLOAD “TAKE BACK NEW HAMPSHIRE“ Download your free copy of Jeanie Forrester’s plan to end New Hampshire’s drug epidemic today.

Jeanie’s Government Reform Plan

Jeanie’s Government Reform Plan

Download “A Government for the People“ Download your free copy of Jeanie Forrester’s government reform plan, “A Government for the People”...

Download Jeanie’s “Economic Plan for the People”

Download Jeanie’s “Economic Plan for the People”

DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE COPY OF AN ECONOMIC PLAN FOR THE PEOPLE Jeanie Forrester is the only candidate for Governor to...


Jeanie Forrester Hopes to Be the Anti-Establishment Candidate in the Republican Gubernatorial Primary

Republican candidate for Governor Jeanie Forrester stopped by the Concord Photo Service Main Street studio of WKXL to talk about...

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